The alleged forger and seller of fake The Plough artworks – Cor van L. – has been involved with several legal procedures. It started with his arrest in 1992 on charges of fraud and the sale of forged works, which would become known as the Altink I Affair. The name ‘Altink Affair’ originated from Renée Smithuis; the press and Johan Meijering would also use this name. The next major legal case started on the 30th of January 2003, when Meijering sued Van L. for damages and restitution for the allegedly forged paintings. This would become known as the Altink II Affair. It is important to note that the principle of audi alteram partem (hearing both sides) has been applied whenever possible. This has been done by disclosing legal documents of the courts and the opossing parties – when available.

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