The Plough Parties

On this page, a short biography will be provided of the three people who have started legal procedures against Cor van L.

Johan Meijering

Johan Meijering studied social sciences at the University of Groningen. After his graduation in 1980, he would start working for the Groningen municipal police. After his career in law enforcement, he would work as a social servant and social researcher for different municipalities. Meijering was the initiator and organizer of the 75-year anniversary of The Plough in 1993. Furthermore, he organized several smaller exhibitions at his bungalow.

Meijering is the suing party in the still ongoing civil procedure known as the Altink II Affair.

Renée Smithuis

Renée Smithuis studied journalism but would start an art gallery in 1979. She specialized in the Bergense School and Dutch expressionism. Her gallery closed its doors in 1999. In 2015, she donated her entire collection of Bergense School artworks to the Singer Museum in Laren.

Smithuis was the first to warn the Dutch art market about The Plough forgeries that were circulating. She was also one of the two expert witnesses in the criminal case – the Altink I Affair – against Van L. Furthermore she and Cees Hofsteenge started an article 12 procedure to reinstigate the prosecution against Van L.

Cees Hofsteenge

Cees Hofsteenge started his art gallery in 1972, and would soon begin specializing in The Plough. During his time as an art dealer, he would become known as one of the leading experts on The Plough. He has publicized on The Plough on numerous occasions. Hofsteenge’s gallery would close its doors in 2012.

Hofsteenge was one one of the two expert witnesses in the criminal case – the Altink I Affair – against Van L. Furthermore, he and Smithuis started an article 12 procedure to reinstigate the prosecution against Van L.

Accompanying Documents

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